DollarBack - You want to regain your investment lost to scams, and make a profit at the same time?

Similarly as crypto and NFT brothers use carpet pull to mean trick, they utilize rough to mean defrauded. Since digital currencies and NFTs are to a great extent unregulated, individuals managing in both risk getting rough. For instance, somebody who purchases a NFT on spec might very well never really get that NFT. Or on the other hand, somebody who gets involved with a cryptographic money might be compelled to look as the cash’s maker depletes its liquidity, making the cash useless. Both of these situations are instances of getting rough.

You need to recover your venture lost to tricks, and create a gain simultaneously? Then help our undertaking and become a piece of our local area, so that holding pays off for everybody once more!

Our objective
Sadly, at this point individuals succumb to tricks and lose their cash consistently. We want to make a functioning local area which increments consequently by selecting new individuals on normal virtual entertainment stages. The people group is our most significant support point as we can push the task just together. Each and every individual from the local area can uphold the venture with their responsibility and in this manner fill the pot for our giveaway.

Our Action
We additionally plan postings on trades. Also, every colleague will be accessible as a contact individual on all web-based entertainment stages.

Instructions to work
- Level framework
To for all time make a high volume and produce sufficient pay for the giveaway, a level framework with marking will be set up. We expect a long-running, consistently developing rate as there is an immense number of individuals who succumbed to a trick.
- Casualties help casualties
By buying our token, casualties help different casualties. Rewards are consistently dispersed among holders, by which you can expand how much tokens in your wallet and create a gain. This component is switched off for marked tokens. Being a prize for our supporters is implied.
- Our arrangement
Our site’s arrangement will be firmly impacted by the arrangement of a platform (purchase — stack — partake — win). Rather than winning whitelist spaces, you can win the discounts of your ventures with us.

- Lost cash?
Every individual who lost their cash to a trickster can recover their speculation through our giveaway. To fit the bill for our giveaway, you need to purchase and stake our symbolic first. Then you need to confirm how much your lost venture.
- We want confirmation
Confirmation must be given through the giveaway structure on our site as well as by sending the trick token onto a wallet which is set up explicitly for your trick.
- Issues move token?
You can’t move your trick token? For this situation, we check the legitimacy of your data and afterward we concede you to the giveaway. Just somebody who truly lost cash to a trick has the opportunity to win it back!

Every Gen-0 NFT is qualified for one Silver NFT once they become accessible. The silver NFT slings you to even out 2 of our level framework with practically no extra installment, gave you have become involved with level1.
Cost : 0.35 WBNB
Usecase : Redesign from level 1 to even out 2
Safe cash : 150 $

The Team behind dollarback
We are a little European Group which is committed to assist with defrauding casualties. We need to offer individuals the chance to recover their lost venture, rouse them to assist us with that and in this manner make the cryptospace cleaner and more secure. Everybody of us has long periods of involvement with exchanging forex and cryptographic forms of money. This experience will be integrated into our task’s customizing. Exact Data in the group can be found on the last landing page as we are at present actually enlisting individuals for the help of the language talk framework.

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Username BTT : Hifdzi
Profile BTT :;u=3455786
Wallet : 0x70583104599117B559F7840031E40f82e420d512



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