PointGenie — Change the way we exchange goods and services by having fun at the same time

Conventional virtual entertainment, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube are 100 percent client produced content stages, you make content and post it there. In any case, have you at any point pondered who brings in cash there? I’ll answer that..if you are not a powerhouse with great many devotees or an organization partner you are not bringing in cash except if you are all alone hustling and crushing.

In conventional trade there is a major push on offering rewards, cash back and different advantages to boost the shopping or visit to a particular spot. Pointgenie makes this interaction normal, programmed and fueled by blockchain, man-made consciousness and the local area.

Pointgenie is a stage that was brought into the world before the digital money time and was made to tackle issues in reality. Geniecoins it’s not another futile digital money, Genies are here to meaningfully alter the manner in which we trade labor and products by having some good times simultaneously. We are advancing continually and we made a biological system easy to comprehend for shoppers, promoters, makers, and organizations.

Our Solution
PointGenie offers an exceptional arrangement by giving constant
status in light of group participation. This capacity will advance quick development on a tremendous and virgin market. Our device gives social objective participant status in an extremely straightforward traffic signal form(emoji faces) where clients report their view of setting climate with three tones: Green(happy face) for you should go, Yellow(neutral face) the scene is fine yet not excessively great and Red(sad face) which represents don’t invest your energy going. Other than the emoticon faces there are additionally three vertical bars that represents the participation status: Low, Medium and Enormous.

Pointgenie is a geolocation application with web-based entertainment capacities worked in that have utility in reality. We tackled real issues which you’ll find and adore. Pointgenie associates web2 and web3 in one single environment remunerating its clients for the action they perform normally and giving out free of charge to conventional web-based entertainment stages. Our self-supporting biological system reuses esteem in an impermeable way, meaning vendors don’t need to breakeven to win steadfast clients, and can get genuine promoting brings about trade for a little rebate as GeniePoints.

How would I bring in cash?
PointGenie network compensates its clients for having some good times and doing their typical virtual entertainment exercises, for example, places registration, posting, alluding companions and watching supported content.

We are an ERC20 utility symbolic that runs over the Polygon organization, there are 7 billion pre-printed tokens accessible and the all out supply is constrained by a calculation and the complete stock is set to arrive at the most extreme in 25 years. By tokenizing our administrations, Pointgenie reward Clients in their neighborhood complete errands that innately make esteem, such as posting via virtual entertainment, composing a short survey, registering in with places, etc.

How might I buy the Token/Coins?
All the authority data relating the deal occasion is declared here, you can purchase with MATIC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, USD dollar and USDT https://pointgeniecoin.com/

The application gives the most refined insights, for example, the complete number of individuals and the blend of people visiting places around you. The Application offers channels that assist clients with tracking down the ideal sort of group from a swarmed or practically void area, to give a more custom-made insight. State of the art calculations and counterfeit
knowledge are utilized to create the key information that is given on Pointgenie, however the best information roll in from the local area. The clients are the columnists of the spot status in an exceptionally straightforward and cordial connection point that permits them to share and get compensated for doing as such. Download App https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pointgenie/id1562054592

GeniePoints are procured in the PointGenie Versatile application and at a later second in our entryway these would be changed over into GenieCoins which can later be traded or exchanged crypto trades. These GeniePoints/GenieCoins will ultimately become cash with more opportunity than a simple coupon. Those purchasers who make a solid effort to contribute, partake and spend their coins much of the time are followed by the permanent record and given a test or missions which permit them to procure more GeniePoints to utilize or trade for government issued types of money.

The portable application has a game repairman plan with focuses in the versatile application and crypto in the blockchain (Polygon organization). Each post, registration, information exchange, allude a companion and watching supported content has a worth in focuses which are compatible for our utility token PointGenieCoin on Polygon mainnet.

This is what we accomplished so far
- iPhone app version 2.0
- Android 1.0 Lite
- Business Intelligence platform
- Learning center
- Token smart contract
- Claiming site(dApp) — testing
- Staking (dApp) — testing
- Location NFT’s — development
- NFT’s marketplace — development
- Augmented reality — planned
- Metaverse — planned

PointGenie NFT’s dislike any NFT’s available, each NFT is rented on a brilliant agreement and can be just adaptable or sold in the particular state of the savvy contract. The area NFT’s will track and impart the procuring data to people in general, more cooperation with a spot will make the spot more attractive and
significant through the time. NFT’s Properties can be sold and moved in the PointGenie commercial center; makers can make their piece of craftsmanship and content and sell it locally. As the local area develops the stage it turns out to be more mindful of the way that the advantages and the potential chances to procure are limitless.

Where might I at any point buy and sell the Nft’s?
We are fostering our own commercial center biological system where PointGenie will make and sell the properties, the makers can likewise impart their piece of workmanship to local area, each NFT’s will be trackec in the blockchain and the resource history would be public, anybody would have the option to see the profit and the worth acquired over the long haul.

Website : https://pointgeniecoin.com/
Whitepaper : https://pointgeniecoin.com/GenieCoinWhitepaper.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/pointgenie1
Telegram : https://t.me/+pslXsrqPHsEyNjgx
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/pointgeniecoin
Discord : https://discord.com/invite/EhrAJbtq
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/pointgeniecoin/

Username BTT : Hifdzi
Profile BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3455786
Wallet : 0x70583104599117B559F7840031E40f82e420d512

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