Web3 powered global e-commerce payment platform

Web 3.0 (Web3) is the third era of the development of web advancements. The web, otherwise called the Internet, is the essential layer for how the web is utilized, giving site and application administrations. The rise of Web 3.0 will assume an immense part in the continuation of network. Web 3.0, an overhaul of Web 2.0, is the future and the future. Rather than having an incorporated point of view like Web 2.0, it will have a decentralized sort of effect.

Crypto isn’t equivalent to web3, yet rather a sub-class of web3 innovations. Which allude to any innovation based on blockchain. Short for web 3.0, web3 is a proposed development of the “web 2.0” period we presently live in, whose foundation is overwhelmed by unified servers and cloud-based administrations.

SKYPAY is a web3 fueled worldwide web based business installment stage that work with quick, safe, and simple exchange of assets utilizing web3 innovation. Acknowledgment of installment utilizing web3 innovation without the requirement for customary financial administrations. SKYPAY will permit web based business stages acknowledge installment through web3 innovation utilizing our turnkey web3 installment arrangements.

- Crypto Debit Card
Get your own SKYPAY controlled Crypto Check Card, All presale purchasers of 1 BNB in above will get a FREE crypto charge card that will empower them to pull out their crypto in over 200+ nations universally.
- SKY Wallet
Deal with your digital currency, Stake, Contribute, Nft’s, Cover Bills, Top Up Your Card, Purchase GiftCards, Internet Shopping and considerably more. SKYWALLET will empower our clients to appreciate administrations that isn’t accessible in other digital currency wallet supplier.
- Purchase Crypto with CreditCard
Top up your wallet with creditcard with upto $2,000 limit day to day. Appreciate low charges and Moment exchange when your asset your SKYWALLET with visa, mastercard controlled cards.
- Aloof Staking
Procure more SKY by securing your BUSD and BNB in our liquidity pools
- day in and day out Client service
SKYPAY Organization will offer day in and day out client support to deal with all client and shipper related question and request. Our industry standard 24 hour guarnateed answer on all questions.
- Earn Miles
Procure miles at whatever point you utilize your SKY Crypto check card, Miles can be changed over completely to other crypto’s or use it to go for nothing.

SKYPay Tokenomics
SKY is the local and administration badge of the SKYPAY Organization, SKY token can be utilized for SKY charge card subsidizing, in-wallet expenses, marking, platform and vote in our administration stage
The complete inventory of SKY Token is 25,000,000 tokens and is designated as follows:
- 10% Marking
- 30% Airdrop and Presale
- 30% Locked Liquidity
- 10% NFT Drops
- 10% Pioneers (Locked for quite some time)
- 10% Promoting

Token Subtleties
● TokenName: SKYPAY
● Token Image: SKY
● Decimal: 18
● CA: 0x31f5ad8B159065532248Aa5B8473b1dB17684437

Trade Posting: SKYPAY Token will be recorded on the accompanying trades:
- Pancakeswap: Nov 7, 2022
- Gate.io: Nov, 2022
- LAToken: Nov, 2022
- CMC and CG: Dec, 2022

SKYPAY Airdrop
We are offering 50 SKY Tokens
1. Open to all Metamask | Trustwallet clients
2. Open our Site Connection https://skypay.network on your program and guarantee your free SKY Token
3. SKY Token will be conveyed right away in the wake of associating with the brilliant agreement
4. Claim your 50 SKY: https://skypay.network

Website: https://skypay.network
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Skypay_Network
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/SKYPAYTOken
Telegram Chat: https://t.me/SKYPAY_CHAT

Username BTT : Hifdzi
Profile BTT : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3455786
Wallet : 0x70583104599117B559F7840031E40f82e420d512

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